On the 10th of August 2022, the American Institute of Economic Research’s Bastiat Society of Nigeria, in collaboration with the Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement, organized a forum themed ‘The Role OF Entrepreneurs in the Economy.’

Speaking at this event, held at Cocoa House, Dugbe Ibadan, Mr. Lanre-Peter Elufisan, the executive director of Ominira Initiative, spoke extensively about the important roles of entrepreneurs in society.

Mr. Stephen Oyedemi, the operations director of Ominira Initiative, further emphasized the role entrepreneurs play as problem solvers in the economy. During this interactive session, the audience mirrored their experiences as entrepreneurs with our reality in Nigeria. 

The event had twenty (22) participants who were primarily entrepreneurs, civil servants, and professionals. We had some entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial journey, challenges they faced, and suggestions for policies that the government can implement to improve the entrepreneurial experience in Nigeria.

The aim of this forum is to help young Nigerian entrepreneurs understand their roles, hear their views, and understand their challenges in order to promote an enabling business environment in Nigeria.

The Bastiat Society of Nigeria and Ominira Initiative strongly believe that an enabling business environment will encourage private enterprise and create opportunities and improved living standards for Nigerians.

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